NGL – a Learning Journey without Borders

As week 5 marks the week for reflecting on what I still need to learn about NGL in preparation for assignment 2, I came to the conclusion that it’s a never-ending journey. Yes, there are set readings and tasks that fulfil the immediate requirements but looking at NGL as a whole, there will never be an ‘end’.

As far as learning more about NGL, it is in my opinion a journey. Either you love it and it becomes a life-long passion, or you wish for the course to finish. Fortunately for me, NGL has always been in the mix of my emerging technology interests, and thus will never be a hardship.

American scholar, Henry Jenkins is of great inspiration to me and I have read many of his works on participatory and convergence culture. As a ‘learner’, Professor Jenkins’ way of using transmedia storytelling greatly appeals to me, thus keeping me the ‘student’ enthralled enough to keep coming back for more.

Which brings me to how I am looking to approach assignment 2. As an ‘educator’, I can see great benefits in utilising the transmedia approach, and in a sense, it is NGL at its finest. Robot Heart Stories (watch below) was created as a learning experience that used networked collaboration between two classrooms, separated by two continents to use creative ways to help a robot find her spaceship to return home. Unfortunately, links to the creators of the learning experience does not work anymore but I have first read about it on Professor Jenkins’ blog, and that link is still intact.

Being a Librarian, I don’t directly ‘teach’ students as such. I consider myself more of an educator that guide those seeking information. I have always found visual materials to work best when conveying information, probably because I’m a visual learner myself. Mithell’s undergraduate learning experiences observes the technological changes in teaching, and it reiterates my believe that transmedia storytelling can help address a range of learning styles.

Learning more about Second Life fits within my plans as I approach assignment 2, but as I have experienced to date, the navigational learning curve is quite steep. Being an ‘older’ type of 3D virtual space, it feels clunky but it is still effective and the libraries built within Second Life is quite impressive. Stanford University has extensive virtual archives, as well as a Rare Books Division in Second Life that is worth exploring.

In order for me to remain on task for completing assignment 1 and preparing for assignment 2, I have worked out a ‘schema‘ for myself. I need to look at alternative perceptions of NGL, and compare that to my current understanding of NGL, and draw conclusions or fill in the blanks so to speak. Piaget‘s theory of cognitive development explains this process in more detail, but it is basically the same principle of making sense of your experiences from your learning environment, and then adjust your ideas according to what you have learnt.

Feature Image created with ‘Gliffy’



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